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At the point when the organization I work for moved it’s DBA from Tucson, Arizona to Los Angeles, California, we thought it would have been not difficult to apply for a DBA. Simply go to Google and type “document a DBA in Los Angeles.” Well, this was one of only a handful multiple times that Google has misdirected me.

Fundamentally, anything that didn’t end I thought was a trick

I wish I could show you a video of me going from various sites, even sites that resembled the authority area of Los Angeles sites however they finished with “.net” that I needed to doubt.

However, even subsequent to discovering official Los Angeles Country sites, there were such countless various ones that diverted me starting with one spot then onto the next.

I discovered the site is an authority government site, despite the fact that it’s stream is conflicting and it is ineffectively planned.

Our organization name, Drogobetski Digital Agency, despite the fact that it has the last name of the proprietor and a few sites said that “we need not record a working together as” permit.

We chose to do it in any case since we expected to compose checks from a record named after the organization, just as store checks around there.


People or elements working together for benefit under a name not the same as the owner(s) full lawful name(s) should document a Fictitious Name Statement with the County Recorder-Clerk’s Office where the business will be led. Source:

DBA Application for LAX

The application and the cycle is called petitioning for a “Imaginary Business Name” (FBN). The FBN title – extremely Hollywood – can perplex you, yet that is how it was named in 1888, and that is the thing that they use today. The most ideal approach to do this is to:

At that point appear face to face to the central command at: 12400 Imperial Highway, second Floor, Searches, Room 2207, Filings, Room 2001, Norwalk, CA 90650 (562) 462-2177 Office hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., M-F, aside from occasions.

Why the Headquarters

When do you need to begin covering charges? Do you need to gather deals charge? and so on

Documenting to Pay Quarterly Taxes

Interesting news


How would I apply for a Tax Registration Certificate (TRC)?

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